General Advice

At Jeremy Rees Cycles we have a wealth of experience in customising, tuning and repairing bikes as well as racing them.

I am always happy to offer general advice to anyone that seeks it.

  • Make sure tyres are firmly pumped up.
  • Remove all glass and flints from tyres (superglue holes).
  • Clean the bike when dirty (easier to spot cracks in the frame and stops components from ceasing).
  • Repair problems when they arise don’t wait until the night before an event.
  • Always try and upgrade your components especially when worn out or damaged.
  • Only oil the chain when the bearings are shiny or it starts to squeal. Too much oil picks up dirt and grit and can increase the wear on chains, rings and cogs.
  • Never wear long black socks it did not look good on Armstrong, so why would it look good on you.
  • Never, ever, wear underwear, most people are too embarrassed to tell you.
  • A good bib short stops heat build up reduces chaffing and lessens infection (saddle sores).