Whether you just want to buy a new product or replace a worn out part there are many options. It does not relate to the amount of money you spend.


Ambrosia stems for example are usually half the cost of carbon stems and they weigh less. If you are getting wider bars to fit your size some alloy bars are lighter than carbon though not as stiff and usually cost the same.

Wheels – the world is your oyster you can go for almost maintenance free to very aerodynamic to incredibly light we can discuss what meets your needs very few wheels are light and aerodynamic and those that do both are usually expensive.

Gearing – Struggling with the terrain, compacts are very popular giving you a wider range to get up anything and you can race, audaux and even tour on them.

There are many areas of upgrades with dozens of manufacturers and many options from each, a good chat can have us going on the right road.