Custom Builds

I can build up race bikes to fit your exact specification or alter components so that you get a better fit.


90% of the cycles I see need to be altered in some way. Shops usually see you what they’ve got and rarely alter the components to fit, but a bike is like a pet, not just for Christmas. You have to enjoy it feel at one with it and hopefully perform at your maximum potential on it.


If you have already bought the bike, all is not lost it may take a little time and a little money (better if its lots) so that again we can maximise your potential. If you need a 54cm frame and you have been sold a 50cm or 52cm components can be altered to get you where you should be.


A custom build package would cover every aspect, bar width, stem length, height, crank length and gear ratio’s to suit your needs. Also frame material to wheel builds even specific tyres. e.g. Audax/racing. Why not even coordinate with tape, saddle and tyres to match the frame. Lovely!