Cycle Tuning

Even expensive bikes and components can be adjusted or tuned to get the maximum potential from them.

Wheels may cost £300 + but are the spokes equally tensioned, is the hub over-tightened, there are many variables:


Break Efficiency

Brake callipers should not be too close or too far apart, out of saddle riding distorts the wheel which can rub against the blocks when set up too close.

Cable Routing

a) is it aerodynamic? Especially coming out of tri bars.

b) Is there excessive cable? Adding drag (in the wind) adding friction (efficiency of the brake) and weight (if your sad).

Bicycle Chains

Adding an extra link reduces forward stretch for the rear mech when going to the lower cogs at the back, which reduces wear on the outside of the chain rings and allegedly increases chain life.


Whether its record or dura ace or mavic e5′s all hubs have to be adjusted for smoother running. Quick release’s exert pressure from the outside to the inside causing axels to bow.