Somebody Once Wrote a Book: “It’s Not About the Bike”. How Wrong They Are!


Over the years I have seen 12 year old boys on 58cm bikes (that is for somebody over 6ft tall.)

I have seen bikes sold to rugby players with 10cm stems and 42cm bars, when they needed 13 and 46 respectively.

I have a friend who was sold 2 bikes at the same time from the same shop, 1 for training 1 for racing and were both different sizes.

This is without venturing into the world of crank lengths and gear ratios for different courses. One size does not fit all.

My customer base stretches from Carlisle to Jersey, From London to Cork and anywhere in between plus I work with most of the British Triathalon squad based in and around Swansea, along with National squad members from Ireland and Sweden.

The bike should be an extension of you. You should feel at one with it, comfortable and efficient not looking like a gorilla on a moped.

I want you to be riding efficiently on a bike set up properly.